How to send co op donations in FarmVille 3

Find More Co-op Members With Add Me Friday!

Even the most talented farmers can use a helping hand from time to time. Whether it's some extra water or another plow to harvest your crops, a great Neighbor can make all the difference when you're having a tough day on the farm.

Now that Co-ops have been released, it's more important than ever to make sure you have neighbors you can rely on! (Learn more about Co-ops here: Farm Co-ops Guide)

On Fridays, FarmVille 2 invites you to participate in Add Me Friday. We know that there are Farmers out there looking for neighbors just as active as they are, and it's our goal to bring you together.

It's easy! Leave a comment with a link to your Facebook profile and a message to future Neighbors! 

Please take a moment to read the Rules.

Commenting Rules:

  • Any comment in violation of the Terms of Service will be removed. A link to the Terms of Service can be found HERE.
  • Include your profile link, or people won't be able to add you! (Copy/paste your Facebook URL).
  • Let others know what kind of farmer you are, and what kind of Neighbors you are looking for. Everyone plays FarmVille 2 differently, so this information can be important! 
  • Please refrain from spamming the blog post with tons of "Add Me" requests. This makes it harder for people to find Neighbors and we may have to remove your comments!

Community Neighbors:

In addition to Add Me Fridays, the Community Neighbors feature allows you to add Neighbors who aren't your Facebook friends. That way, even if your Facebook friends don’t play FarmVille 2, you can still get in on the fun! 

Visit the guide for all of the details: Community Neighbors

We hope everyone finds lots of new friends and Neighbors. See you!

Post last updated on 24 July 2022

Taco Truck 3

Sam comes back with his famous Taco Truck !
This is the third installment of Taco Truck themed Food truck event and is coming soon!
In this event, VIP perks (extra milestones and rewards ) are available too (for select players only).
Image of Armadillo - a new 3 Stars Desert Exotic Animal . More info here .
Image of Exotic Armadillo Home - a new Home for your Exotic Animal .


  • Event Date
  • Mulch
  • Crops
  • Ingredients
  • Recipes
  • Normal Items
  • Milestones and Rewards
  • Exotic Animal Info

Event Date

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Event will be running for 12 days starting either from:

  • 28 July 2022 until 09 August 2022 OR
  • 29 July 2022 until 10 August 2022

NOTE: schedule may be subject to change

You have to be at least Level 22 to receive this event and you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.


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As previous Food Truck events, Mulch will be the first thing you'll gather. They will be used to plant event exclusive crops .
They can be gathered from Mulch Maker , located just beside the Taco Truck 3 Truck.

  • Mulch Maker will make a Mulch every 15 minutes but will stop making once your Mulch Storage is full. Once you've used your stored Mulch, the maker will resume. It works similarly to Water.
  • You can only store 6 mulch at maximum and will not be counted towards your Barn capacity.
  • Mulch can't be requested and donated via co-op.
  • You can purchase Mulch using Gems.


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Once you gathered the Mulch, you can use them to plant Event Exclusive Crops as below. These crops will then be used to make Ingredients.

Crops Table explanation

  • TIME: Time taken for the crop to grow before can be harvested.
  • COSTS: Items needed to plant a crop.
  • SELL COINS: How much coins a crop give you when you sell via Barn.
  • REQUEST AMOUNT: How many crops can you request from your co-op members at once.
  • DONATE AMOUNT: How many crops can you donate to a co-op's member for 1 request.

Figures such as Time, Costs, Sell Coins may be different between players.


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The crops that you harvested in previous step then will be used to make Taco Truck 3 Ingredients using the Windmill buildings. These ingredients will then be used to cook Recipes.

Ingredients Table explanation

  • TIME: Time taken before an ingredient can be collected.
  • COSTS: Items needed to make an ingredient.
  • SELL COINS: How much coins an ingredient give you when you sell via Barn.
  • REQUEST AMOUNT: How many ingredients can you request from your co-op members at once.
  • DONATE AMOUNT: How many ingredients can you donate to a co-op's member for 1 request.

Figures such as Time, Costs, Sell Coins may be different between players.


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After collecting the ingredients, you can now proceed to cook the recipes using specific farmhand's machine as listed below. These recipes then will be delivered to Taco Truck 3 Truck customers. The customer's orders are varying depends on phases.

Recipes Table explanation

  • MACHINE: Which machine to use to cook this recipe.
  • TIME: Time taken before a recipe can be collected.
  • COSTS: Items needed to cook a recipe.
  • SELL COINS: How much coins a recipe give you when you sell via Barn.
  • COUNTY FAIR POINTS: How much ribbon points you gain in County Fair by collecting this recipe.

Figures such as Time, Costs, Sell Coins, County Fair Points may be different between players.

Normal Items

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We also have listed down Normal Items (non event exclusive) that will be required to cook some recipe. This will be useful if your strategy consist of pre-making items.

  • Corn
  • Avocado
  • Flour
  • Cheese
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Brown Egg
  • Tofu


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There are 6 phases in this event and will have 3 extra VIP milestones which will give more rewards.

Milestones And Rewards

Milestones Table explanation

  • PHASE Phase number. Those marked with VIP are extra milestones.
  • POINTS Points required to complete this phase, unlock Reward and unlock next Phase.

VIP perks available only to select players.

Exotic Animal Info

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A 3 stars Desert EA.

How to do Co

Once you're in a Co-op, you can donate or ask for items from your Co-op members through the Request tab. Tap on the Request button to request for farm supplies. Your request is sent to your Co-op members. Tap the Collect button to get the item.

How do you send gifts in FarmVille 3?

To visit neighbors, tap the Friend button on the left side of the game screen. In the Friends tab you can view all your neighbors that you've already added. The Explore tab is where you get random neighbors who you can visit and send gifts, even if they are not your Facebook friends.

What can co leaders do in FarmVille 3?

Tap the member's name in the list to see the other options you have as the Co-op Leader. Then tap the three dots button. You can Promote a player to Co-Leader, Demote a player, Report a player, Block/Unblock a player, and Kick out a player. Was this article helpful?

How do I get people to join my Co

Invites: Another way to add more members to the Co-Op is through "invite", which can be located at the upper-left part of the "My Co-Op" tab. The "Invite Friends" tab is limited to your Facebook friends only. You can either choose All Friends or friends that have an existing FV2 game on Facebook.