Is there a 30 day free trial for youtube tv?

YouTube TV is the second-largest live TV streaming platform in the USA for good purpose. It is just that the pricing of YouTube TV is as reasonable as any of the other alternatives. Secondly, YouTube TV channels are just as abundant as any of the other possibilities.

Finally, YouTube TV is doing an excellent job of enticing you with promos and, maybe most importantly, a YouTube TV free trial period. Use the best streaming VPN if YouTube is not available in your region.

So, in response to your discussion? Yes, YouTube TV offers a free trial period and you can also watch YouTube TV outside the US by using a reliable VPN.

How to Sign up for the YouTube TV Free Trial?

Before you think about YouTube TV free trial length or begin your trial version sign-up, keep in mind that YouTube TV no longer supports registrations on iOS devices. Once you’ve subscribed to the platform, you’ll be able to login in and enjoy YouTube Television via the iOS app.

To sign up for a YouTube live TV free trial, go on the YouTube TV official website on your device or download the app to your Android phone, and then do the following:

  1. Select the “free trial” option.
  2. Sign in to your Google account and verify your home address.
  3. Examine all of the networks covered by your subscription, then click Next.
  4. Tick the boxes next to any premium networks you want to add to your membership.
  5. Confirm the payment information.
  6. To complete the transaction, tap Buy.

What are the Types of Free Trials Offered by YouTube TV?

The usual YouTube TV free trial lasts 7 days, as it does for most of its alternatives, including Hulu + Live TV and Philo. If this doesn’t really look like enough chance to get a sense of its channel choices, you’ll be glad to know that the platform frequently runs limited-time specials with longer free trials.

YouTube TV conducts special promotions for holidays and other events such as Cyber Week. In Jan, for instance, you might be able to receive a two-week YouTube TV free trial. Although the promotion has ended, the great news is that the firm provides comparable deals often.

What Channels Do You Get in the YouTube TV Free Trial?

The YouTube TV free trial is exactly the same as if you were subscribing to it. So that you get every YouTube Television network here, which is roughly 100 at the time of writing. This includes local broadcast networks, which are generally available in most places. It also contains channels similar to those seen on cable, such as ESPN, CNN, and many more, well, pick one. Because there is a lot of overlap in the YouTube TV package, which includes roughly 100 channels.

Also, various premium add-ons may have different trial terms – STARZ has a five-day free trial, HBO Max free trial is of seven-days, and Showtime has a 14-day free trial — so read the small print before signing up.

There are also some similar platforms which you can watch, like CBS and PBS Outside US.

How Long Does the YouTube TV Free Trial Last?

YouTube TV is now increasing the length of its free trial for new customers that join up. New customers may get two weeks of the streaming service for free if they join up before November 15 for a limited period.

With the two-week trial, you’ll have access to more than 85 popular entertainment, news, and live sports channels, including MTV, PBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and NFL, NBA, and MLB networks.

What Happens When the Trials Expire?

If you know what you’re getting, you may keep the subscription after the free trial period finishes by paying an additional charge of $49.99. This provides you access to over 70 networks’ live and on-demand entertainment. You may add premium channels such as EPIX, Showtime, and STARZ to your subscription for an additional charge.

You may even establish up to six accounts if you wish to share them with family members or roommates. The same subscription allows you to stream from up to three devices at the same time, so you won’t have to battle over what to watch.

If, on the other hand, you are dissatisfied with the service, you have the opportunity to terminate your subscription before the conclusion of your free trial.

What Else You Should Know about YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a Television and shows streaming platform that takes advantage of YouTube’s simple and user-friendly interface. It comprises basic cable networks, local network broadcast channels, and original online programs from YouTube Red and is available on streaming boxes, smart TVs, Apple TVs, laptops, and mobile devices.

Also, once you’ve joined for a free trial, YouTube TV will cost you a small amount to validate the validity of your credit card. A payment permission request will be sent to your banking institution, and it will appear on your statement. YouTube TV will return the same money back to your credit card as soon as your payment method is validated.

You can watch other streaming platforms, too, like Bravo TV outside USA and Fox TV outside US.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial?

Want to know how to cancel the YouTube TV free trial? Well, you can cancel the free trial of YouTube TV. However, you will instantly lose access to the service, including any add-ons. YouTube TV free trials typically last seven days, while the business occasionally provides 14 days and YouTube TV free trial 30 days for certain networks. You can also read about how to fix YouTube TV Proxy Detection Error.


Does YouTube TV have a 30 day free trial?

No!  Standard customers are only eligible for a seven-day trial. While this is standard procedure for most platforms that provide on-demand entertainment, a week may not be enough to determine whether the service is worth a subscription.

Why did YouTube TV charge me for a free trial? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

If you were not qualified for a free trial, you will see a charge after joining up. Free trials are only available to new customers. If you are signing up for a free trial for the first time, you may see an approval hold rather than a charge. These authorisations take place so that YouTube can verify the card’s validity.

How long is the YouTube TV Free Trial 2022?

T-Mobile extended the $10 per month discount for the subscribers of YouTube TV through at least 2023. In fact, new users are now being offered a limited time yet new deal. They will now be charged just $14.99 (first month) at the completion of the free trial of 14-days. That’s $50 off the regular price of $64.99


You must now know how long is YouTube tv free trial. YouTube TV is an American streaming platform with more than 85 channels. On a variety of devices, subscribers may view news, TV programs, sports programming, and much more. Famous YouTube videos and YouTube Originals are also available through the service.

Have you explored YouTube TV before? You’re lucky since the streaming platform provides a free trial period that will allow you to determine whether it’s worth the money.

The YouTube TV free trial period is usually lasting seven days, during which you may view your favorite movies and series and decide whether or not to invest in them.

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Does YouTube TV have a 30 day free trial?

The current YouTube TV free trial length is up to 14 days. This is more generous than the no-trial policy for services like Netflix and Disney+. With nearly a week of free viewing, you can explore many of the channels offered by YouTube TV.

Does YouTube TV have free trial 2022?

Does YouTube TV have a free trial in 2022? YouTube TV has a 14-day free trial in 2022 for new users.

How long is YouTube TV free trial 2022?

60 Days In | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

How do you get the 30 day free trial on YouTube?

To view your eligibility for a trial on a mobile device:.
Open the YouTube mobile app and sign in to your account..
Tap on your profile picture Purchases and memberships..
Under Offers from YouTube, we'll list eligible trials..
Select one of the offers and follow the steps to redeem..